The Crafter

Managing Director

Wilson Chew


A familiar face in the local I.T Retail Industry with over 20 years’ experience dealing with Apple, Sony and more, check out a little history about Wilson on Business Times:


With his latest venture in a ‘traditional’ industry, Wilson’s vision in Creative Digital Marketing changed the entire Curtains & Blinds Market as the founder of mc.2 Smart Blinds Fashion Gallery.

From flyers, to TV ads, Newspaper Ads, Radio Ads or even placing a Volkswagen Beetle in the middle of a mall, Wilson’s experience from traditional marketing to modern digital marketing shown great success in his business ventures.

As an entrepreneur, Wilson often shares his thoughts and ideas with his teams and friends to think out of the box and remind everyone to always be on the lookout for latest marketing trends.

Yes, he’s the boss, sometimes you hear his Maserati before you see him.

Director (Digital)

Jason Tan

But we call him when we don’t know certain things…

“My business improved!”, “Sales Figured Doubled!”, “Yes there are many leads / enquiries now”, these are common things you hear our clients say when Jason puts his skills into their marketing campaign.

Known for his Digital Marketing Strategies, Campaign Ideas and Technical Skills, Jason is the back-bone of Craft.

His journey started with a marketing agency many years ago which allowed him to learn and analysis the market of different industries. With his experience, Jason started to explore further by creating his own Web Portal as a Freelancer, helping his clients achieve million-dollar revenues and starting an industrial trend.

Jason enjoys challenges and creating strategic marketing ideas for businesses for a targeted campaign such as his recent work of Samsung Day, LG Thanksgiving and more.

Clients from Japan, China, America, Indonesia, Philippines and of course Singapore has sung praises of the results achieved.

Basically, he’s like the Doctor, no wait…. definitely a Specialist.

Director (Creative)

Dylan Tan

But we call him when we need more ideas.

Think out of the box. Basically, he’s already standing outside the box.
Dylan pumps creative juices to Craft and its clients. From Funeral Services, F&B, Celebrity Interviews, Consumer Electronics, Home Renovation and more, he’s definitely able to come up creative ways to sell your service / brand & product! (sometimes even appearing in your advertising video…)

As the Lead Marketer for mc.2, Dylan has experience working with TV, Radio and Celebrities on top of Creative Digital Marketing Planning. Check out one of his latest work with his childhood idol, MediaCorp Ah Ge Li Nanxing:


With Content Marketing being one of the most important aspect when it comes to Facebook / Instagram / YouTube marketing, Dylan’s creativity and ideas keeps client’s marketing fresh and different. His interest and experience in Google AdWords sets his Ad Copies apart from others!

In short, he turns your Coffee Shop talks to actual ads that work….

Director (Operations)

Cher Kong

But we call her very often….

Time for some girl power!

This lady changes your marketing results with a dot, or even a dash. What are we talking about?

Cher is well-known for her tasteful ads design and attention to detail. She’s the lady to look for when it comes to designing an effective and aesthetic ad! Yes, sometimes all we need is one extra line to make things look better but hey, not everyone has an eye for that right?

When it comes to Google SEO, Web Audit, Web Research & Reporting, User Experience, there is nobody more passionate than her. Cher could spend hours researching on your business and finding the most ideal strategy and keywords in order for you to win the digital war against your competition! Uh-huh, girl power!

Starting her career as a Digital Marketing Accounts Manager and Freelance Ads Designer, Cher observed and listened to the market trends and needs. With her experience, she recommends genuine solutions to clients and ensures every dollar is well spent.

Let’s just say…. she is the wife that make sure every $ is saved for the child and well spent for the family……. not the one that spends all the $ on bags, shoes, clothes and have no idea where the money went…

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