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The fastest growing Curtains & Blinds shop in Singapore was made possible through creative and effective digital marketing! Ranked #1 in most of their priority keywords, mc.2 sales channel from Google has been a huge part of their business growth.

SEM and SEO is a familiar term when you start to explore digital marketing as an option for your business. However, people often mistake those two and do not fully understand the impact it has to your business. What do we mean? Simply Google search something now and see those ‘Ads’, yes those are SEM, you simply Pay-Per-Click. For SEO, scroll down and you would see websites without the ‘Ads’ button. SEO requires a lot more technical knowledge and proper SEO content planning in order for your website to start ranking on Google; this you can’t pay for.

Having good SEO Website is what all business owners dream of, simply because it saves a lot of marketing funds in the long run and it will only get better and better if done correctly. Of course, there is more to SEO than what we have just briefly summarised. If you love coffee, we can have a cup together and talk more about this interesting topic! So, what’s the No.1 SEO Ranked coffee on Google now?    

Can you imagine your website on the first page of Google?

Or maybe you are interested in getting more leads.

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