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Anybody can run ads but in 2021….

Ready? It’s a lengthy article but if you are a business owner, this article will give you real good insights on digital marketing for 2021. 

Anybody can run digital ads to reach out to their audience but do you know that in 2021, it’s harder to run a successful campaign on search media or social media compared to the past? Yes, it’s no longer as straightforward as putting up one digital advertisement and waiting for leads to come in. Reason? Simple, with so many ads out there, and with users getting smarter in their buying behaviour, they will need to be able to relate with the brand, know what the brand is selling, who uses the brands, what the reviews are and the list goes on and on.

As such, Digital marketing has become a process and the “what” and “how” to run is now more important than the “can” run. Chim? No worries. You just need to know that many business owners would rather focus on their business and leave the chim part to a digital marketing agency. Ultimately, it’s always better to leave your marketing dollar to an expert rather than “wasting” it to try and understand how everything works. 

However, choosing the right kind of agency is
not that straightforward.

Just like how anybody can run ads, any agency can also run ads, right? If you are choosing an agency, you have to make sure you are leaving your brand direction in the right hands. Here are a few factors you MUST look out for.

Craft Planning

Do they run ads with a strategy?

If your agency does not have a strategy on how to market your business online, then our recommendation is: Don’t hire them! You are better off doing it yourself. Why? Because they will probably be wasting marketing funds, putting up ads and hoping for the best. It’s akin to running ads like a headless chicken. Every different platform be it Youtube, Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Ads has it’s own exclusive objective and a well executed strategy will go a long way to ensure every ads dollar are being invested efficiently and effectively. Thus, An agency should always know the market trend and should always know how to market different kinds of business in different platform. That’s what you hire them for, isn’t it?

How good are their creatives?

Take note of this – Creatives are taking the charge of digital marketing. This is especially true due to the recent IOS 14 updates, where targeting options have become leaner and remarketing has also become a little harder. Good social media targeting relies on good targeted audience setting and creative ads. With this recent update, your ad performance is ever more reliant on the creatives to push or retain digital success. So, it’s important to find out their past works and make sure it’s really creative and eye-catching, to ensure your brand is well covered in that aspect.

How do they make use of data?

Data is a very big word that you hear nowadays. It tells a story of how users react to your ad and your business. But if an agency does not have a strategy, they would not know how to make use of these data to improve your campaign performance. Then all the data in the world is as good as nothing. A good agency doesn’t just run ads, they optimise ads and in order for them to do so effectively, they have to make use of data.

Of course, there are many other factors to look out for when it comes to hiring an agency, such as their portfolio, and what kind of brand story they have built. If possible, the budget should be a secondary consideration because a good campaign is not by chance, but rather a result of really tedious work. Sometimes, it’s true that you pay what you get.

Here’s our catch.
Come Speak to Craft Creative for your digital marketing needs first.

Think about it – The fact that we can point all these pointers out should mean something. Craft Creative is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies with raving reviews from all sectors. Our recognition? We are featured as one of the top creative agencies by BESTinSINGAPORE and at the same time, we are also badged by Facebook as Preferred Facebook Business Partner in Singapore.

Besides having all the factors that we just mentioned, we have also built countless successful brand stories such as our recent case below:

Singapore Home Cooks Digital Marketing Agency

Singapore Home Cooks

Singapore’s largest home cook community and probably the top Live selling platform. Simply check out their facebook page and you will see all the different creative works that we conceptualize daily.

Audio House Digital Marketing Agency

Audio House

Singapore renowned Electronics Dealer has hit record sales at a fraction of what they used to spend. To date, we have run more than 300 sales campaigns for them with a high success sales rate of 95%.

mc.2 digital marketing agency


Singapore’s largest Smart curtain and blinds provider with the highest market share in private home balcony solutions. Do a quick search on Google and you will see their website on the first page via our deep search engine optimization capabilities. 

There’s more. So if you are reading till here and you are motivated to introduce or reintroduce your business to the digital world (properly), drop us an inquiry via this contact form.

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