Not the Average Experience


Not the Average Experience


A reputable brand originating from Italy, Ariston lacked social media brand presence and brand awareness.

Our Approach

Sell the experience, and focus on values.
Just like what Apple does

Social Media Marketing

Never fluctuating,
Always satisfying.

Ariston Water Heaters are the real deal, and the world needed to know it. That’s why we launched content that showcased its advanced technology and reliability. We made sure to highlight its top-notch features, like its constant temperature, and we even kept it real by addressing the rising cost of electricity in Singapore in 2022. With #TheAristonDifference and #ExperienceAriston, we dominated social media and made Ariston the number one choice in the market.


Bringing Ariston to Life
Through Visual Storytelling

We helped Ariston showcase the unique benefits of their water heater through the power of video. By highlighting features like temperature regulation and money-saving capabilities, we crafted a compelling story that resonated with customers, especially with how much electricity bills are rising now! Despite limited materials from the client, we created a range of dynamic and engaging video content, including eye-catching kinetic typography that made Ariston stand out from the crowd!

Web Design and Development

Ariston’s E-commerce
Debut - Unleashed.

We are thrilled to have pioneered Ariston’s e-commerce debut with the first-ever online store for their water heaters! (Yes, they didn’t have one before – not even the HQ!). The new site was designed with the consumer in mind, making shopping easy and intuitive with quick access to product details, warranties, and installation info. This exciting new platform is a game-changer for Ariston, giving them a fresh way to connect with customers and empower them to make informed purchases with confidence.

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