Commentary: My perspective on digital marketing from my 3 months internship experience.

Digital marketing. What’s that? Never heard of it, never thought of it. That was me 3 months ago and boy was I missing out. Sure you might have these sentiments as well! Though I probably started out more clueless than you. I never really stopped to think about the ads which are seemingly ubiquitous in our daily life. But now, what you see as ads, I see it as a peek into a brand’s identity. Confused? Well, let me let you in on my perspective of digital marketing and it will all be clearer.

It’s a constant raging war.

What are they (the advertisers) fighting for? You! We all know that they pour huge sums of money into an ad, but it is much more than that. Seen the small ad space on your Instagram and Facebook feed? It’s a hotly contested territory! The ad that appears there went through two stages to get to you. Here’s a simplified explanation of the process.

1. The Magic Algorithm

This algorithm filters out a list of ads that are deemed suitable for you out of the hundreds of others.

2. Bidding

This bidding process selects the ad with the highest bid and the selected ad is finally presented to you as the ad you see.

Yes, that ad beat hundreds of others to appear on your feed. So the next time you come across an ad on your feed, don’t just scroll away! Take some time to appreciate it, there must be a reason why you see that particular ad. It could offer you a better deal for that hairdryer you were thinking of buying or even offer you a solution to a particular problem you are facing.

It’s not all about selling

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about marketing? Ads! But that isn’t all marketing is about. In this new age, people are turned away from aggressive marketing. As such, marketing has evolved into other, more subtle forms of advertising that educate, excite, or provide entertainment value to the viewer. Here are some examples:

1. Educate then Sell with Content Marketing

(if you want to know more about content marketing, read more about it here.)
Look at the articles by Singapore’s largest blinds and curtains supplier, mc.2. Notice how the titles of each article aren’t about the brand? Instead, they answer some questions that their potential customers might have and subtly bring in their brand as a solution. Does it feel like an ad? No, and you will definitely read it if you have similar doubts. That is content marketing, it’s not just all “sell”.

2. The Relatability and Comedic Effect in Video Marketing

We’ve all experienced the irritating ads that pop up before a YouTube video and spammed the “Skip Ad” button in frustration. But what will make you stop and watch on? That’s the question every digital marketer wants to know the answer to. What seems to work is a combination of relatability and comedy in the first few seconds of the ad. Have a look at two creative video ads produced by Craft with a well-known local celebrity, Mark Lee.

Will you skip these ads? Introducing celebrities adds an element of relatability and entices the viewer to watch on. Here, Mark Lee also sprinkled in some comedy, retaining the viewer’s attention. No wonder they were the top running ads for the blinds industry for over 6 months! Although the main goal of these videos is to sell a product, there are so many more elements to add to a marketing campaign than just selling.

The power of creativity

Creativity: That’s what I believe separates mediocre marketing agencies from the good ones. It’s true. Anyone can run a marketing campaign. A quick Google search will yield countless comprehensive tutorials on how to run a campaign. But here’s what they all don’t teach: infusing creativity in marketing. Being creative in marketing is a hard skill to acquire and an impossible one to teach. Here at Craft, they have mastered the art of creativity in marketing and I was humbled to learn from them the small tips and tricks that brought me closer to that mastery.

You might be wondering, what’s so good about creativity in marketing? Well, to put it simply, creativity brings your marketing campaign to a whole new level. Here’s what creativity looks like in marketing.

1.Burger King and the Whopper Detour

(if you want to know more about content marketing, read more about it here.)
Look at the articles by Singapore’s largest blinds and curtains supplier, mc.2. Notice how the titles of each article aren’t about the brand? Instead, they answer some questions that their potential customers might have and subtly bring in their brand as a solution. Does it feel like an ad? No, and you will definitely read it if you have similar doubts. That is content marketing, it’s not just all “sell”.

2. The Creativity in Craft.

You’ve already seen how creative Craft has been in video marketing. But creativity isn’t limited to marketing ideas; creative design is also another aspect. Taking web design as an example, here’s a look at what Craft did for Country Foods and Huiji websites.

My Closing Thoughts

These 3 months have indeed changed my perception of ads and marketing, and the skills I’ve learned will definitely be useful when I enter the working world. I hope that this article has given you a little insight into the complex world of digital marketing, and maybe even interest you in dwelling more in it. After all, digital marketing is the future of marketing. It’s here to stay and stay it will.

Content Marketing Singapore

Everyone wants to do content marketing, but how do you do it right?

Content Marketing is everywhere! According to SEMrush, a whopping 91% of businesses make use of content marketing. But allow us to let you in on a little secret few know, most of them are doing it all wrong! Music to your ears, isn’t it? This is your chance to finally have the upper hand over all your competitors. In this article, we will go through all you need to know about content marketing, and how to get that edge you need.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is defined succinctly by the Content Marketing Institute:

“Content Marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.”

This can come in the form of articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, or books. Since the common form of content marketing is articles, we will focus on it from here on. Unlike other forms of marketing that seek to interrupt a user’s activity, content marketing is something people actively search for and want to consume. One example of content marketing is none other than this article (Yes, you are now part of our content marketing). But, NO before you click away, we are not here to sell you our miracle content marketing service, we are here to offer you genuine valuable advice for your business. So read on, as we learn how to do content marketing the right way.

What is content marketing

What on earth should I write about?

When starting to write your first-ever article, you obviously have many ideas and topics. But don’t go cherry-picking one topic to write (that’s what most businesses do). Here’s what you should do.

Use Data

What data? Your competitors of course! Look at their content marketing strategy and see which articles work and which don’t. Once you find their top-performing articles, analyse them. Why are they so popular? Most likely, these articles have eye-catching titles, accompanied by content that answers a common burning question among the consumers in your market. From these articles, you can also learn more. Look at the length, writing style and tone of the article. Also, see how they incorporate their brand. Here, it is important to note not to over-mention your brand. As David Beebe, CEO of Storified Hospitality Group analogised aptly “Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” Got it? Let’s move on. After you gather all of this important information, put yourself in the shoes of the reader. What can be improved? There are definitely areas where you can do better. In conclusion, be smart! Let your competitors do all the trial and errors, learn from their successes and create your own!

Consider your readers and your goals

Understanding your target audience and goals will dictate how you write your article. Like it or not, your article isn’t the only one from a reader’s search result. So, we have to attract only the readers we want. How? Here’s a little secret. Incorporate your target reader and your goals in your introduction or your title. This lets people know what questions you are going to answer and encourages those with the same questions to read your article.

Ok, I published my article. I’m done, right?

Nope! Don’t publish and forget! This is the time to see how you fared. Analyse the data. Look at the number of shares, likes, page visits and conversion rates. Depending on what you want to achieve, you should focus on one particular set of metrics. For instance, if you want to increase brand awareness, focus on the number of shares, likes and page views to measure your article’s success. Didn’t perform as well as you hoped? Don’t worry, every article you write doesn’t have to be an instant hit. Content marketing is all about making educated guesses as to what will work. Find out the reason for its poor performance. Could it be your content or your title? It could even be your article design. A wall of text will discourage people from reading. Keep on trying. After all, there is no harm in publishing more articles.

Know when it is time to seek professional help

There is nothing wrong with doing all the content marketing yourself. But there will come a time when your time and effort is better spent on your product or when your content marketing strategy just isn’t working no matter how hard you try. That is time you should seek help from a professional. How to find the right one? Easy. Look at the projects they have done. That is a true testament to their skills and abilities. Likewise at Craft, we take great pride in our wide array of works and successes.

Singapore Home Cooks

Take a look at Singapore Home Cooks Facebook page. We plan, write and post different creative works, helping them grow to become Singapore’s largest home cook community with close to 75,000 followers!


We were responsible for all forms of marketing for Home-a-Genius. Have a look at their social media pages, and there is no doubt how popular they have grown. 

Going through all of our successes and the hundreds of campaigns we have run will take forever. If you are interested to know more, drop us an inquiry and we will get back to you. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours. We have provided all you need to give you the edge in content marketing, but that will not guarantee that your brand will blow up overnight. Success in content marketing takes time, effort and experience. But with a little bit of our magic, we can give you a better chance to Craft your brand up for success.

There’s more. So if you are reading till here and you are motivated to introduce or reintroduce your business to the digital world (properly), drop us an inquiry via this contact form.